вторник, 5 января 2010 г.


Several years ago I started to keep my household budget and saw that I really need to earn some more extra money. My debts were constant, salary was not going to rise, so I started looking for some work I can do while at home.
First, I found that Internet is a place with a lot of offers for a job seeking people. I started to write texts for various companies’ web-sites. One can easily find a lot of web-sites filled with jobs like that typing “freelance writing” in Google.
Also, I revised my closet and organized a “garage sale” near my house on Saturday afternoon. I gave to the local charity organization what left after it. And that all gave me: a) some extra-cash, b) a lot of new free space in my room, c) feeling good after helping some people.
I had a lot of old books on the shelves who no one really reads now, so I put many of them to the eBay and people who needed them found me soon. Our community library has an old books sale day every last Monday of the Month, so I went there and found some more books for my on-line retail business! Really, on eBay one can sell every old thing after a while. Some people make a living with that.
Sometimes major companies make consumer focus group where you can get up to $100 for an hour of watching several commercials and telling which you like better.
That’s how I add some money to my household budget. And what about you?