вторник, 5 января 2010 г.


Several years ago I started to keep my household budget and saw that I really need to earn some more extra money. My debts were constant, salary was not going to rise, so I started looking for some work I can do while at home.
First, I found that Internet is a place with a lot of offers for a job seeking people. I started to write texts for various companies’ web-sites. One can easily find a lot of web-sites filled with jobs like that typing “freelance writing” in Google.
Also, I revised my closet and organized a “garage sale” near my house on Saturday afternoon. I gave to the local charity organization what left after it. And that all gave me: a) some extra-cash, b) a lot of new free space in my room, c) feeling good after helping some people.
I had a lot of old books on the shelves who no one really reads now, so I put many of them to the eBay and people who needed them found me soon. Our community library has an old books sale day every last Monday of the Month, so I went there and found some more books for my on-line retail business! Really, on eBay one can sell every old thing after a while. Some people make a living with that.
Sometimes major companies make consumer focus group where you can get up to $100 for an hour of watching several commercials and telling which you like better.
That’s how I add some money to my household budget. And what about you?

четверг, 2 апреля 2009 г.

At least they can win

When the household is in the position to battle nature within, it can be a rather ugly affair. Bugs, rats, ants, and all kinds of varmint are perpetually trying to enter our households and take over. In an older house, there is no amount of cleanliness and fastidiousness that can change the household’s battle against nature. Bugs will find their way through cracks and inhabit your pasta, your sugar, and anything else they can slip into for a little nourishment. The rodents who seek warm places for the winter are likely to find their way into the household and tarnish what was once your favorite cereal box. They all want into your household and it can be a full time job to try to battle against them.
These little buggers are smart, and they have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to commit to their goal. You, on the other hand, have a limited amount of time to engage in the household’s war. You want to extricate the little guys, and you keep going after them with both barrels, but they are determined. Once you get rid of some, a few more creep in to take over the household in the next wave.
There are many products on the market that can help you ward off the varmint of the moment, and you can easily spend upwards of $500 per year just getting the creatures of the outdoors out of your household. However, without a constant dedication to eradicating the household of such creatures, they might actually win.

воскресенье, 22 марта 2009 г.


We all value privacy for our household, and we tend to keep household problems pent up behind our front doors. Whether you home is turning into a household of arguments, there is illness about, or there is a sense of urgency with one of the kids, our household problems are often resolved better when we reach out to others. We have this very interesting need to make our household appear normal and happy even when it isn’t. It is almost like we believe that if someone else knows that we are experiencing problems that we will eventually become an outcast. Yet when we take the risk and reach beyond our household for help we are most often met with sincere comfort and a willingness to be as helpful as possible. It is not easy for many people to devote themselves to household secrecy. This is why reality television shows that help people have become so popular.

Shows that offer real help to real households are high in the ratings these days because we all want some sort of relief for our homes. Whether we need one of those amazing nannies to come into our household and show us where we are messing up with our kids or we need someone to come into our household and show us how to eat a healthier diet, we all want the help that is out there. Asking for help doesn’t mean that there is something terminally wrong with the household. It simply means that there are things that you can’t see and you need a little bit of guidance.

понедельник, 2 февраля 2009 г.

Fight with everyday life

Heavy and bleak housewives. Breakfast is a husband and children, sink vessels, kindergarten, school, shop, supermarket, cooking, cleaning, dinner, television ... and the day passed. A woman employee is even worse - the noble work it has to perform housekeeping in their free time. Who else to dust with glasses, wash natural silk trousers, and comb particularly cat's tail? And the offensive, which the grateful fellow demolishing works in minutes. How much time do I need to wash an apartment or bake a cake my mother? And how quickly one food and return home in the primeval chaos? That is the same ...
Cancel subsistence slavery in principle can not be - a good home is based on the owner, no housewife will give comfort of home. But remember «feast of greens and with it love, sweet, rather than fat ox and hatred with it». Without an ideal of order and the restaurant menu, you can live in the house, but without the love and fun - alas, of such housing is rapidly getaway men, children and even animals.
«What can we do?» - You ask, looking at Augean stables urgent cases.
To get started, remember the first commandment «masters of fun science» - «Love noble. To make love, you need to be free from worries about daily bread ». Generosity implies wealth, so to ensure their opportunity to be generous. What resources can we release in the household?