понедельник, 2 февраля 2009 г.

Fight with everyday life

Heavy and bleak housewives. Breakfast is a husband and children, sink vessels, kindergarten, school, shop, supermarket, cooking, cleaning, dinner, television ... and the day passed. A woman employee is even worse - the noble work it has to perform housekeeping in their free time. Who else to dust with glasses, wash natural silk trousers, and comb particularly cat's tail? And the offensive, which the grateful fellow demolishing works in minutes. How much time do I need to wash an apartment or bake a cake my mother? And how quickly one food and return home in the primeval chaos? That is the same ...
Cancel subsistence slavery in principle can not be - a good home is based on the owner, no housewife will give comfort of home. But remember «feast of greens and with it love, sweet, rather than fat ox and hatred with it». Without an ideal of order and the restaurant menu, you can live in the house, but without the love and fun - alas, of such housing is rapidly getaway men, children and even animals.
«What can we do?» - You ask, looking at Augean stables urgent cases.
To get started, remember the first commandment «masters of fun science» - «Love noble. To make love, you need to be free from worries about daily bread ». Generosity implies wealth, so to ensure their opportunity to be generous. What resources can we release in the household?