воскресенье, 22 марта 2009 г.


We all value privacy for our household, and we tend to keep household problems pent up behind our front doors. Whether you home is turning into a household of arguments, there is illness about, or there is a sense of urgency with one of the kids, our household problems are often resolved better when we reach out to others. We have this very interesting need to make our household appear normal and happy even when it isn’t. It is almost like we believe that if someone else knows that we are experiencing problems that we will eventually become an outcast. Yet when we take the risk and reach beyond our household for help we are most often met with sincere comfort and a willingness to be as helpful as possible. It is not easy for many people to devote themselves to household secrecy. This is why reality television shows that help people have become so popular.

Shows that offer real help to real households are high in the ratings these days because we all want some sort of relief for our homes. Whether we need one of those amazing nannies to come into our household and show us where we are messing up with our kids or we need someone to come into our household and show us how to eat a healthier diet, we all want the help that is out there. Asking for help doesn’t mean that there is something terminally wrong with the household. It simply means that there are things that you can’t see and you need a little bit of guidance.